Do you have a passion for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program?
There are currently 4 volunteer roles available at the district level.
The deadline to apply is November 25. Ream more for position outlines and responsibilities.
The following four volunteer roles are currently or soon to be open – kindly indicate your interest before November 25, 2019 to Fran Hochhausen, Youth Exchange Chair at :
Assistant Outbound Student Coordinator  
Work closely with the OB Coordinator to:
  • Help clubs select students.
  • Provide student and parent orientation support.
  • Coordinate and assist with all travel and visa arrangements for students.
Ensure messages and documentation in YEAH are up to date
  • Serve as liaison between students, parents, and travel agency to ensure that itineraries for exchange are established.
  • Review reports received from students abroad and take action to respond to any irregularities reported.
Assistant Inbound Student Coordinator
Work closely with the IB  Coordinator to:
  • Serve as liaison between the district’s host Rotary clubs and the students’ home districts.
  • Assist with all travel and visa arrangements for students.
  • Assist with orientation for students upon arrival.
  • Ensure messages and documentation in YEAH are up to date.
  • Assist clubs in selection and orientation of host families.
  • Meet arriving students at local airports and coordinate departure flights.
  • Review reports received from IB students
Orientation Training 
Shadow current trainer to end of year and take over the position as of July 1, 2020.
Outbound / Inbound and Rebound orientation, which is crucial in preparing students for the exchange experience, is an ongoing process that includes weekend gatherings and shorter meetings during the year before departure, upon arrival and upon return, arranged by the District. 
Orientation of our outbound student and parents.
  • Rotary program rules;
  • Expectations of students and their parents and guardians;
  • Rotary support system
  • Cultural adaptation; and
  • Sexual abuse and harassment.
Orientation of inbound student.
  • Rotary program rules;
  • Additional district rules;
  • District disciplinary procedure;
  • Travel policy;
  • Expectations of students;
  • Rotary support system;
  • Cultural adaptation;
  • Sexual abuse & harassment; &
  • Any other topic required by law
Debrief Sessions for returning students
  • Reverse culture shock
  • Goals and plans going forward
Short Term Exchange Program Coordinator 
Work closely with the current Short Term exchange program coordinator (shadow) to learn the program with a view to taking over the position as of July 1, 2020.  Role requires:
  • Understanding the program
  • Assisting clubs in soliciting students, preparing documentation and interviews
  • Solicit exchange partners around the world
  • Monitor and track student progress
  • Ensure sponsor /host clubs are certified and follow Rotary guidelines.
If you are interested in any of these 4 positions, please contact Fran Hochhausen, Youth Exchange Chair at before November 25, 2020.