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Thank you for volunteering to prepare community meals at the Alex CFC!   This is an information package intended to help you: 
1) Understand what we do here  2) Clarify your role at the food centre  3) Prepare you for your first time here 
What is the Alex CFC?  The Alex Community Food Centre is a dignified community space in Forest Lawn that focuses on growing, cooking, sharing, and advocating for good food. We believe that good food has the power to bring people together and build stronger communities. We’ve been open since Fall 2016 and run a number of free cooking classes and social justice programs, host amazing community events, and serve free delicious, nutritious meals. 
What are community meals?  Our community meal program is an opportunity for low-income Calgarians to access high quality, nutritious meals prepared in-house from whole ingredients by our chef and volunteers. When food access is an issue, it can be hard to reach out for help. For that reason, we strive to make our space as dignified as possible. Guests at our meals never have to prove their income or their need. We trust that people can self-identify what their need is and act accordingly. We serve our food to tables (restaurant style) rather than people having to stand in line. When you’re hungry and eating a good meal it tastes even better in a supportive environment with good people. 
What is my role?  As a volunteer, you will be coming in to help create and maintain the space that hosts our community members. This may include any of the following: cleaning the coffee station; washing windows, tables, dishes; helping in the kitchen with chopping, cooking, plating; serving meals and clearing tables. The shift is from 9:30am – 12:30pm, with breakfast and coffee provided. Our chef will be the lead in the kitchen and is here to support you as you do your work. 
What do I wear?  Please wear comfortable clothing (no group uniforms), and closed-toed footwear that you are comfortable standing in. All long hair must be tied back. If your nails are long or you have any open wounds or bandages on your hands we will provide you with non-latex gloves for safety reasons. 
What do I do when I get here?  Ring on the doorbell and one of our staff will let you in. You can check in with the volunteer coordinator, who will give you a tour and show you where to store your personal belongings. Help yourself to some coffee or tea!
*If you need clarification, assistance, or have an idea for the space our Volunteer Coordinator, Jessica, is always happy to have a conversation. You’re welcome to contact her via email ( or phone at (403) 869 - 1513. 
Thank you again for your contribution, and we can’t wait to have you with us!
Happy volunteering!