Contact: Jane Audet
Calgary East

This visit will be in presentations from Kids Up Front and Shelter Box. Attendence is in lu of our lunch meeting the same day.

Here are the directions for free parking at Bow Valley Square and access to Bow Valley Club:

-Drive EAST on 5th Avenue SW, staying in the right lane.  Right after crossing 2nd Street there is a bus stop just before the Entrance to the Parkade and you need to make an immediate right hand turn into the Parkade.  (There may be a bus parked at the bus stop so you will have to go around it and then IMMEDIATELY go back into the right lane to turn into the Parkade.)

 -When down the Parkade slope a bit, there is a machine on your left.  Press the black button and take the slip which is required to raise the bar and is also for your free parking validation.

 -Take your immediate left into P1 – there should be lots of parking there.

 -After parking proceed to the Elevator and to the 3rd Floor.

 -Turn right to the Bow Valley Club – has large dark door doors with signage.

-Parking validation machine is immediately at the Reception Desk – the Receptionist has a big smile.

-If she is not there, turn right and walk through their dining room area and to our Meeting Room at the end – with our large Rotary Banner!  Welcome!

-P.S. When you leave the Parkade, put the validated slip in the machine to raise the bar so you can exit.  Turn right onto 5th Avenue.