Rotary International Zones 28 and 32 Interact Convention

As you might be aware the Rotary International Zones 28 and 32 Interact Convention is scheduled to take place this week. We have been hard at work planning this event for the last 2.5 years and unfortunately, we have run into some pretty significant challenges that have prevented us from obtaining the necessary capital to break even at this event. One of these issues was the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw time and time again that government restrictions, vaccination requirements, and overall travel hesitancy severely affected the willingness of Rotary Clubs to participate and send in the number of students we had projected. Additionally, we learned from conversations with certain Rotary members around the continent that many districts were not sharing the information regarding the event with their respective clubs. That was extremely disheartening to hear as we see now that there is much work to be done when it comes to elevating the youth voice in our organization and we hope that districts will recognize that and support young leaders more wholeheartedly in the future. With the combination of these issues and increasing costs related to inflation, our event has incurred quite a significant deficit. With this in mind, we are pleading with you to please extend your generosity and support young people across the continent by contributing as much as possible to help offset some of our costs. This event is still scheduled to occur, and we cannot wait to help change the lives and enhance the leadership capacity of the next generation of Rotary leaders, but we desperately need your support! Thank you so much and please consider donating some of your resources to help us. If you would like to learn more about what we are doing and how we are transforming lives, please visit" 
**100 % of any funds donated here will go directly to the conference. The Rotary Club of Calgary East does not take any administration fee.
*We are unable to offer tax receipts at this time.