Oct 18, 2018 6:45 AM
At Rotary Sarcee. Note time & Locale
Kids Up Front and Shelter Box. See notes for directions.

At the Sarcee Rotary Club-breakfast meeting.

Directions for free parking at Bow Valley Square:

-EAST on 5th Avenue SW, stay in right lane.  Right after crossing 2nd Street there is a bus stop. (if there is a bus parked there you'll have to go around it then IMMEDIATELY back into the right lane, turn into the Parkade.)

-The Parkade slopes a bit, there is a machine on your left.  Press the black button and take the parking slip 

 -Park to the left in P1

 -Take Elevator to 3rd Floor

 -Turn right to Bow Valley Club

-Parking validation machine is at Reception Desk

-Turn right, walk through their dining room area to the Meeting Room

-Put the validated slip in the machine to raise the bar so you can exit