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Paul is a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist. He will address the issue that affects many of us "Boomers" where there is still a lot of life after our money runs out. He will talk about the option of Reverse Mortgages as a possible solution for some folks. I'm still waiting to win the Rotary Home but failing that, this should be interesting.   
Paul Brick, Rotary Club of Calgary South
Mar 22, 2018

Ms Saunders will speak to us about the UK and current matters, particularly as the relate to Canada. She is now on the Rotary Clubs of Calgary speaking tour so to speak and is quite popular as a guest speaker. Come and bring a potential Rotarian. 

Caroline Saunders, British Consul General
Mar 29, 2018
Heather Cobb, Alberta Health Services
Apr 05, 2018

 Get ready for an offsite Classification talk 'in situ' - look it up! :)

Classification Event
Apr 12, 2018

April 26, An Immigrant Experience in Calgary.  It is with much personal delight I introduce Rebecca & Sola Adenekan. They will talk about their journey from Nigeria, through the UK to Calgary. Both are highly qualified Barristers & Solicitors and Notary Public. Come hear pure passion for life, their journey, and life in Canada!

Rebecca & Sola Adenekan
Apr 26, 2018